In 2007, Forums on the internet were discussing liberty and ideas that seemed to be forgotten.  Ideas that were truly American at one time, such as Private Property, Freedom, Constitutional liberties, taxation.  You get the picture.  There were groups of minds collaborating all around the world, trying to find solutions to problems that had no source, or were thought to have no source.  These smart guys and girls pinpointed the single most influential factor in the destruction of liberty.  The Central Banks.

Some solution had to be found that could enable free market values and replace the centralized control that central banking had imposed on the world. 

That solution was blockchain, and with it, Bitcoin.  It fulfilled the important parameters that could enable a new trade ecosystem to manifest.  Here we are, 10 years later, and the cryptocurrency boom is on.  Bitcoin is circulating, and other tokens are being developed and put into place as stores of value, means of exchange, and markers for private property.  

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